Welcome to Trenderd B2E smart commerce demo site!

The Trenderd is a web- and mobile-based electronic modular solution of procurement and sales. The Tenderd contains the following modules: the Tender implements the electronic tendering process and covers the B2B demand side of the procurement, the GroupB2E covers the supply side of the sales, the Groupender is an innovative mix of both and the Groupshare is the sharing economy module. The Trenderd incorporates the efficient implemented solutions of the online B2B and B2C e-commerce systems and our innovative ideas. This business logic enables a straightforward process for procurements and offers. The system also allows businesses to receive appropriate and comparable quantity/quality offers quickly. Due to the partners’ visible reliability index it is assured that the businesses can come into contact with reliable partners only.

This site is only a demo site therefore it is not suitable for any commercial use yet. Site is under construcion!